Wholesale Policy


Minimum order: $100

Suggested Retail Price: We ask that you follow our suggested retail prices as a general rule. Of course we
encourage mark-downs or sale prices if product is approaching its expiration date.

Order Delivery: Our current policy is to provide your order within two weeks of your order date. If you are planning a larger than normal order for an event or special season, please place it as early as possible. Having the order in our books early ensures you will get it when you need it.

We require early ordering for Halloween and Christmas. Orders received after the order period will not have a
guaranteed ship date.

Expiration Dates: We will provide you with the expiration date of the products. We require that you do not sell
product past it’s expiration date nor alter the expiration date of the products.

Display options: You are welcome to sell our products from a bakery case.

If you choose this option, your items will be shipped un-packaged. You must provide your own bakery case.

Additionally, you must retain and display a full ingredient list for each biscuit recipe we offer. Or, we can ship your products, individually bagged with ingredient labels and expiration dates for an additional $0.10 per treat. The bags will include a bag header for hanging and, when appropriate, an additional label indicating the flavor of the item.

Items that require bags (Market Treats, Bags of Tiny Bones, etc) will be bagged at no additional charge.

Custom Cakes: We love to get custom cake orders from our Vendors! We require a 72 hour turn-around IN HOUSE to complete cake orders. This does not include shipping or delivery time. We are happy to accommodate rush orders for a $10.00 fee.

Payment: All orders must be paid, in full, prior to shipment or delivery.

Online Sales & Events: Online sales are prohibited. Sales of our treats are limited to brick & mortar stores
only. Sales at Events are only allowed if Just Dogs Gourmet is NOT participating in the same event. Just
Dogs will be happy to promote your participation at events by adding it to our Events page.